Critical Acclaim

“One of the gems of Philadelphia’s cultural life.” –Martin Goldsmith, NPR’s Performance Today

“The stars of the show were the members of the Philadelphia Brass. This group has to be the most artistic brass quintet before the public today and they are the most style-conscious brass ensemble I have yet worked with.” -Daniel Pinkham

“…beautifully played throughout. The arrangements on your CD are a long cut above what I’ve been hearing in recent Christmases!” -John Harbison

“…this quintet brings a verve and spirit to brass ensemble playing that invariably turns the audience into something resembling a cheering section, while at the same time leaving them breathless.”
The Sullivan Review, Dushore, PA

“The performance is full, stylistically impeccable, and well-balanced, showing off consummate technical ability yet never to the detriment of musical statement. Sounding incredible effortless, each melodic line is highly polished; the accompanimental material is always musical.”
International Trumpet Guild Journal (from a review of PB’s “Renaissance and Baroque” CD

“A resplendent new recording”
Fanfare (from a review of PB’s Brass and Organ CD)

“An overflow audience in Moravian College’s Foy Concert Hall discovered what other audiences and CD-buyers already know: The Philadelphia Brass offers some of the brightest, mellowest music around.”
The Express Times, Easton, PA